But aren’t colonics just for girls?

I thought I’d share some of the most common questions I hear from guys in an effort to break down the mystery surrounding colonics for men.

How big is the tube?

Let’s face it, unfortunately there’s a taboo with a lot of men about putting things in their butt, even when it comes to their health. This silly taboo stops a lot of guys from getting a prostate exam, and similarly stops many guys from having colonics.

So fellas, you’ll be glad to hear the tubes we use are only pencil-thin. Look down at your hand. Our tubes are thinner than your little finger. You’ll barely feel it at all, there’s nothing to fear!

You don’t insert the tube, do you?

Haha relax guys, this one is a relic from old types of ‘closed’ colon hydrotherapy, where the therapist would put you on your side and insert a rather large tube into your bottom. In my clinic, we use the latest ‘open-system’ colonic technology which allows you to very comfortably self-insert your tube. When looking for a colonic clinic, be sure to ask if the tubes are pencil-thin or not if this is important to you, because many places around the country still use closed-system colonics.

How far do you have to insert it?

Trust me, no-one ever says it’s inserted too far. Nearly everybody worries that the tube isn’t in far enough! You only insert the pencil-thin tube about 1 – 1.5 inches, so the tube sits just inside your bottom. And all the tube does is deliver warm filtered water into your colon so that you can release all the accumulate waste sitting inside you. That’s worth it, don’t you think?

But aren’t colonics just for girls?

This one always makes me laugh. Of course colonics aren’t just for girls! We’ve all got a colon, don’t we? You might be surprised to learn that approximately 40% of my clients are men. If anything, colonics are even more important for men. Most guys tend to eat more meat than women, and meat is notorious for taking much longer to work its way through our digestive system.

Imagine your intestines are like a highway: meat is that big oversized truck driving slow in the fast lane. Everything behind it wants to pass, but the meat truck just slows down all the traffic. Whereas fruit only takes 4-12 hours to work its way through your system, meat can take 2-4 days or even longer. Anything that sits in your colon for longer than 24 hours is just going to start recirculating toxins through your body, making you feel like, well, crap.

Why do guys get colonics?

Men get treatment for similar reasons to women. They may want a detox, a kick-start to a healthy eating regime, or a pre-season tune up. Or they may have problems with bloating, their bowels in general, or their skin.

What type of guy gets colonics?

I started off by writing that there is no ‘typical’ guy that gets colonics. But scratch that. If there was a typical male client, it’d be the bloke who has been dragged here because his wife had a colonic last week and made him have one too! But to give you a snapshot of the types of guys that come in for treatment: in one day I could have a young guy who is constipated from a poor diet after travelling, a middle-aged man doing a juice cleanse after indulging over winter, and an elderly gentlemen with an impacted colon after the hospital sent him home with Movicol – I see it all pretty much every day!

So to all the men out there, I hope this clears up some of the mystery around colonics. Don’t let a bit of fear or embarrassment stop you from putting your health first.