Sunshine Colonics Health & Wellness Centre is the Sunshine Coast's premier facility for cleansing and detoxing your entire body.


Your one-stop detox shop!

Joel founded Sunshine Colonics Health & Wellness Centre to help people start healing themselves from a variety of digestive and health complaints.

Our popular treatments are designed to be used as preventative and restorative tools for a variety of different health problems. Combined with a nutritious wholefood diet and gentle exercise, Colonic Irrigation and Far Infrared Saunas are an effective detoxification system to cleanse your body for it to begin the healing process, just as it was created to do!

Joel’s motivation for opening Sunshine Colonics Health & Wellness Centre stemmed from his successful battle fighting an aggressive form of cancer with a focus on holistic healing – Joel used all of the services offered at Sunshine Colonics Health & Wellness Centre as part of his natural-healing arsenal.

“My mission is to help people heal the same way I was helped. Detoxing with Colonics, Far Infrared Saunas and Organic Juices & Smoothies played a big part in my survival and restoring my health”. 


State-of-the-art facilities

At Sunshine Colonics Health & Wellness Centre we use internationally-recognised LIBBE equipment which offers the highest quality in safety, comfort and sanitation for our clients. Known as the Rolls-Royce of Colon Hydrotherapy treatment devices, the LIBBE (Lower Intestinal Bottom Bowel Evacuation) system also complies with TGA and FDA guidelines that dictate rigorous accountability.

The features of the LIBBE colonic equipment include:

  • Gravity-fed water flow – no pressure makes for a gentle cleanse
  • Temperature controlled water – we fluctuate the water temperature between a comfortable 34-38 degrees to maximise waste and toxin elimination
  • Odourless vent system – no mess and no odour means you’ll have a very pleasant treatment experience
  • Pencil-thin rectal tubes (disposable, single use) – clients find our pencil-thin tubes extremely comfortable
  • Clear viewing tube – gives you an unparalleled view of what’s going on in your gut
  • Double-filtration process (using ultra-violet purification and filter system) - so you can be confident the water used is of the highest quality
  • Automatic safety shutoff system

We’ve created a calming atmosphere in all of our completely private treatment rooms, including mounted wall TV screens, your choice of essential oil diffusers and Himalayan salt lamps. Our cleanliness, professionalism and passion are second to none.



Commitment to using organic, natural, environmentally-safe products

We are dedicated to using organic, natural and environmentally-friendly products wherever possible – from our organic treatment balm to our cleaning agents and our fresh produce, you can be sure that we’ve found the highest-quality products for your health.