6 colonic questions you’re too embarrassed to ask your friends

So you’re out to lunch with a friend and they tell you they’ve been having colonics. You’re intrigued and interested to find out more, but there’s just some questions you’re too shy to ask, right? Never fear, I’ve put together the answers to all the tricky questions you want to know.

How big is the tube? And how far ‘in’ does it go?

There’s nothing to worry about! The tubes we use are pencil-thin, and they’re only inserted about an inch inside your bottom. In all honesty most people say it feels like the tube isn’t in far enough or they don’t feel it at all!

Am I going to make a mess everywhere?

Nope – no mess, no odour! The colonic bed is perfectly contoured to take care of everything for a surprisingly clean and comfortable treatment experience.

I have my period. Can I still do a colonic?

Of course! Colonic Hydrotherapy can actually be very good during this time as it may help decrease the cramps and bloating often associated with menstruation. I’ve even had a number of clients report they’ve regained their regular period after not having one for years, just from cleansing with a series of colonics.

When will I have my next bowel movement?

Everyone’s different – some people will go the next day, whereas for others it’s completely normal NOT to have a bowel movement for a few days after a colonic. You’ve just expelled a large amount of waste, and it can take time before the colon muscles are strengthened enough to properly move digested food through your system.

What if I make ‘noises’ during my colonic?

Got this one covered too. All the treatment room walls are soundproofed, so you can toot to your heart’s content and nobody will ever hear you!

Do I have to look at what comes out?

Well you don’t have to look at what comes out, but for most people that’s the most exciting part! There’s a viewing tube attached to the colonic unit so you can analyse all the interesting bits and pieces coming out of your gut – from old waste to gallstones to parasites and more! But for those more interested in watching something else, we can always put a relaxing DVD on instead for your viewing pleasure.

If you’ve got any other questions you’re too embarrassed to ask your friends, feel free to call us on 07 5326 3537 or email us joel@sunshinecolonics.com.au