Do I even need to Spring Clean?

Let me ask you a few questions. How clean is your house right now? Does your shower need a good scrub? Do you need to vacuum the dust hiding under your couch? Have you got any old unwanted clothes cluttering up your wardrobe?

Spring is the time that most of us get around to cleaning the house from top to bottom. There’s no better feeling than a beautifully clean and tidy home, and you can sit back and enjoy your spotless surroundings.

But what’s the point of having a clean house when the only REAL place you have to live – your BODY - needs a good clean too? When we fill our bodies with rubbish like refined sugar, processed foods, alcoholic beverages and animal products eventually it's going to become pretty messy in there! Even if your diet is fairly clean there’s so many things that can cause unwanted clutter on the inside, namely stress, medication, air pollution and more.

The problem is, unlike a messy house, we usually can’t see the untidiness going on inside of us. But we certainly begin to feel it in the form of low energy, headaches, fuzziness, or we may visit the bathroom a bit too often or not enough. If we feel our ‘house’ get to this state of disrepair, it’s important to give our body the respect it deserves by doing something about it!

Have you done a cleanse before? Do you remember how awesome it felt? You don’t need to buy a heap of over-the-counter products and dietary supplements – all you need to do is take the trash out! Simply remove all the junk from your diet for a short period, and flood your body with the beneficial nutrition it needs like organic juices, green smoothies and plenty of good-quality water.

Taking out the trash also means clearing out all the clutter from the back door – that’s right, from YOUR back door! If you cleanse with a gentle healing colonic and then support your cleanse with healthy habits (food and exercise), before long you’ll start to feel better than you ever thought possible!

Your energy begins to return, the headaches disappear, you’ll probably shed some excess weight and you will feel recharged, refreshed and ready to tackle the world! 

No matter how tidy your house is, we can all use a Spring Clean. After all, a clean inside is a happy outside!